A Busy Day of Respite

Lyn's respite provider had been ill last week.  As a result, they were unable to get together for several of their regularly scheduled times.  On Saturday, they went out together for a full day which wore her out.

They left at 9 for breakfast at Weck's.  Weck's is one of their normal stops if they are out for breakfast.  Lyn may not like eating breakfast, but by the time they get there, she's happy to eat a Bowl of Papas.

After breakfast, they headed over to a paint-your-own-pottery studio.  The mug she had made for their parish priest was recently broken and she was determined to make him another.  It took her a couple of hours to make her selection and paint it for him.  In a few days, the piece will be fired and ready for them to pick up.  If this mug is anything like her other pottery pieces, I can guarantee it will have a plethora of colors.

From there, they were off to the bowling alley.  She bowled 2 games only since there wasn't an special offer today.  Her scores were 122 and 120.

To wrap up their busy day out, they went to one of the casinos where she won 28 cents.  They even decided to eat at the casino's buffet for dinner.  She was thrilled!

Out at 9am and home before 7pm.  Bed by 8.  This is what a great day is like in Lyn's opinion.  


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