She has to go, now!

This weekend, we tried to have our regularly scheduled Skype conversation.  Unfortunately, my computer is no longer recognizing its built in camera.  My back up option didn't work as well either.  So, we kept our date and had a phone conversation with the hopes that my camera issues will be resolved before next weekend.

Our typical conversations involve me talking with Mom and getting the latest news that worth sharing.  At some point, the phone is passed to Lyn who then recounts her activities in the last 24 hours.  So, despite knowing that Mom sent me all the information of her day out with her respite provider, she tells me as if I've never heard it before.  This is fine with me.  Having the advance telling from Mom allows me to sift through and figure out what she's trying to tell me.

Lyn's accounts are rarely in a logical order, frequently don't have key details and tend to wander.  However, I've learned over the years to just keep asking her questions to keep the conversation flowing.  If I stop and let her lead, then we'll end up with a ton of "Yeah... Ok... Yeah...".  She always asks about my family, asks how they are, where are they and what are they doing.  If we're speaking via Skype, she gets face-to-face time with my children.  My husband makes cameos as he goes from one project to another around the house.

At the end of my time with Lyn, when it is obvious she's run out of something to tell me, I ask to speak to Mom again.  At this point, Lyn always calls out "She has to go, now!"  I have to laugh at this point.  I don't have to go frequently.  I am rarely suddenly needing to take care of something else.  When I have a call with Mom or Lyn, I try to not have something else going on so I can give them my attention.  Part of what cracks me out is that Lyn is often the one to decide that the conversation is over and that I "have to go, now!"  Sometimes, I learn that I have to go cook dinner for the kids or feed my dogs.  Sometimes I learn I have to go do laundry or some other household task.  I love it when she comes up with some task and assigns it to me as a reason for the conversation to end.  As a result of how frequently we talk by phone or by Skype, I can end up hearing this several times in a week.  It never fails to crack me up.

Excuse me.  I have to go, now.


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