She Likes Her Cowboys

Last week, Lyn and Mom were in with their favorite stylist when the stylist took a call from a client who needed to make appointments for her and her husband's haircuts.  The appointments were made and the stylist commented to Lyn that she cuts hair for Travis Briscoe and his wife.  The stylist knows Lyn loves PBR which is why she shared the information.

When Lyn heard his name she became very animated and excited.  Lyn started telling Con about PBR and who all she likes to watch.  The stylist suggested maybe she could ask for his autograph.  She said he is so sweet and would do that if asked.  Lyn was wearing two shirts because she's always cold.  Mom had to encourage her for several minutes before Lyn understood what was being said.  There were too many steps for her to follow.  Mom was telling her to go take off the t-shirt so it could be left for Travis to sign.  Finally she got it and headed for the bathroom.  She handed the shirt to the stylist and showed her right where she wanted his signature; on the front, near her heart.

Travis and his wife's appointments were for the next morning.  So, that afternoon, Mom and Lyn swung back by the salon on their way to bowling.  The stylist pulled out the shirt and handed it to Lyn.  Travis  wrote on the front "(Lyn), God Bless.  Travis Briscoe"

Lyn is THRILLED!  She and I talked on the phone that night and she told me all about the shirt.  She doesn't know what she wants to do with it yet, but she knows she wants to keep it forever and not have his signature wash out.  I can guarantee she'll be yelling and clapping for him when she watches the PBR.

(Dear Mr. and Mrs. Briscoe.  In case you ever read this, we recognize you used her real name on the shirt.  We just don't use it on this blog.  Thank you so much for your kindness.  It is greatly appreciated.)


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