Neuro-Psych Eval Session 2

Lyn had had the second test session on Wednesday.  She worked very hard from 10am until 12:30pm.  She came out of testing in an upbeat mood.  She didn't say anything about "stupid questions" or being told to not talk to herself.  She said they "played on the computer, finally."  

Apparently, the clinician is having a hard time realizing that Lyn is actually 40 years old.  She actually got out her calculator to subtract Lyn's birth year from the current.  When the results showed 40, she commented to Lyn "You really are 40!"  She's also commented to Mom that Lyn functions at a higher level than her IQ score would indicate.  She's surprised by this and yet compliments Mom for raising Lyn well.  She says that Lyn works very hard to complete a task even if she's struggling at it.  She puts in the effort because you've asked her to complete the task.  

When Lynn and Mom got home she said she was going to take a nap.  Mom asked if she wanted to be woken up or left to sleep until she wakes on her own.  Lyn said she'll decide and tell Mom when she gets up.  

Today is the last test session.  Mom will bring Lyn in at 10:30.  When the testing is completed, the clinician will review the results with Mom right then.   


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