The Police

My sister has a long history with the police.  I'm not saying that she's been arrested or crossed the law in any way.  She hasn't and would give you The Look for even suggesting that she had.  Oh no.  She's had a long, positive history with the police.

Maybe it started when she became a Special Olympian and the local Sheriff's Explorer troop would provide event support by directing traffic, the flow of people or even handling some security.  We were introduced to the Explorer's through a family connection so that could also be it.  Either way...

I'm not sure when it began, but at some point, Lyn took it upon herself to say "Thank you" to every police office that crosses her path and makes eye contact with her.  If an officer makes eye contact, she'll start with a "Hi!"  If the officer returns the greeting, she'll then say something like "I just want to say thank you for all you do.  I really appreciate how you keep us safe.  You're doing a good job!"  It is interesting to see how the officers react.  Occasionally, they're confused and look a little trapped.  Most often, they are a bit bemused but warm up by the word "thank".  Sometimes, this results in a hug being given.

I had a running theory that Lyn was targeting just the male officers.  A call to Mom has corrected that misperception.  I've only seen her thank the male officers.  She's also thanked the female officers.  There's just fewer of them.  See, my theory focused on the fact that Lyn loves a man in uniform.

She might try to deny it but the denial is pretty weak when she's giggling and nodding her head "yes."


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