Clipping Coupons

Lyn has helped Mom with her weekly coupon cutting for years.  This is something she started doing when we were kids.  The dotted lines surrounding most coupons or the straight lines that surround others were perfect for her to follow.  Mom would point out the ones she wanted and Lyn would cut them out.

Sunday's coupons were a little differently handled this past week.  Mom pointed out the five that she wanted.  Lyn got her scissors and got busy.  She then held up the pictures of the item and not the coupon.  She looked puzzled when Mom said "No, I need the coupon."  Mom had to show her what was wanted and then Lyn was able to complete the task.  Fortunately, she hadn't cut the small picture from the coupon, just the larger, advertising picture from the newspaper insert.

When I heard of this, it made me think of the recent visit with the neurologist who clearly wasn't listening.  Would he suggest that someone else needs to teach Lyn how to cut coupons?  Ridiculous.

On a related note, I had a check up with my endocrinologist.  I believe I've mentioned that thyroid issues run in the family and that Lyn's now on a very low dose of thyroid replacement hormone.  My endo is one of the best doctors I've ever worked with and she always asks about my family and my life outside of just my symptoms.  I let her know of Lyn's dementia and we discussed her for several minutes.  My doctor's assessment is "That doctor clearly isn't listening!  Disgusting!"  I had to laugh.


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