Planning for Travel

The other night, Lyn turned from watching the PBR to ask Mom if they "are going down that river?"  It took Mom a minute to realize that Lyn was asking if they were planning to attend the Christmas on the Pecos light display.  Mom and Lyn went last year and had a very good time.  They rode a boat along the Pecos river and enjoyed the Christmas lights the homeowners have put up in Carlsbad, NM.

When Mom realized what Lyn was talking about, she asked if Lyn really wnted to go.  "Yes!  It was so pretty and we came home the next morning."  Mom looked it up and found that the season starts in just a month.  They went ahead and bought two tickets for the first boat of the evening.  Lyn is happy because not only will they be on the early boat, but it is the same boat, the Bela Sera, that they went on last year.

After they secured their event tickets, Mom started looking into hotels in the Carlsbad area.  Lyn spotted a picture of the hotel where they stayed overnight last year.  Mom pointed out another hotel with a lower nightly rate and Lyn panicked.  Mom says that Lyn's facial expression was almost terror.  When Mom promised to call the hotel they stayed at last year and not the one with the lower rate, Lyn began to relax again.

It will only be a one night trip.  However, it will be a good gauge to see if Lyn is still capable of travel to my home.  We can take this as a simple measure but not a guarantee.  While Lyn is starting to talk about coming out here again to visit, the reality is that her capabilities may change enough over the time between this trip and our normally scheduled June visit to make it impossible.

Until then, Lyn is looking forward to the Christmas boat ride on the Pecos.  She's offered to pay for part of the hotel room and asked "Do they take change?"


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