Tackling a Project Through an Off Day

Lyn's mad at herself for having an off day on Thursday.  Her bowling scores below are just one indicator of how off her day was.

Aside from bowling, Mom and Lyn tried to tackle the second wall in the garage.  Mom jokingly says that at this rate they'll have it done by next Spring.  Afterall, it was too hot this summer to paint the garage.

They began work on the second wall by pulling everything wayw from the wall and then sweeping up all the dirt that has quietly accumulated over the years of their living where they do.  Given that they live in a desert, I suspect it was mostly a very fine red dust that had settled there.  Mom showed Lyn what she was to do with the paint roller.  Remember that just the day before, Lyn handled the roller with ease and followed directions pretty well.  The second day was not so easy.

Mom wanted Lyn to paint the lower half of the wall while Mom worked on the upper half.  Mom handed off the roller, showing Lyn where to paint and then turned to get her own roller loaded with paint.  When she turned to the wall, Lyn was painting the upper section; not the are Mom had just indicated.  So, Mom stopped and watched.

After a minute or so, she tried to redirect Lyn with "I thought you were doing down here."  Lyn looked at her as though she had spoken in another language.  Despite her confusion, Lyn turned to paint the area indicated and Mom watched again.  Lyn painted the same spot about six times, only moving if Mom directed her to another spot to paint.  It became a series of "Ok.  Now over here."  Lyn would continually paint the area and Mom would have to redirect again.  It took over an hour to paint a 7 foot wide section of the wall from top to bottom.  Mom states "She was having a very difficult time focusing on what I would say, the confusion in her eyes breaks my heart."

The day was cold and Mom had the garage door open about a foot for ventilation.  Using that as an excuse, she suggested that they stop for now.  The project is not associated to any deadline and can be dealt with as time and skills allow.  Mom anticipates painting while Lyn is out with her respite provider.


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